Paths & Stairways… On The Rocks!

After a few days exploring the colorfull harbor city Valparaiso(Chile), checking out the great street-art…. time to escape to a more quiet area named Punta Pite. Punta Pite is located north of Valparaiso, between the towns Zapallar and Papudo… 2 hours busride,but really worth it!

Before I came to Chile, did the usual research what to see… and found a page about a residential area on a rocky seaside with landscape design(by Teresa Moller), stairs, Paths and bridges. One part is open for public but, not in good condition anymore… . We didn’t know how to enter that area… and somebody let us access the private section what is still in perfect condition(take only pictures,leave only footprints)! Perfect place to watch the waves, hear and smell the salty ocean. Since pictures can say more then words…

This post is also an entry for the WPC:SereneUnusual

15 thoughts on “Paths & Stairways… On The Rocks!

  1. well you were lucky enough to get to the private side. The shots are amazing and truly saying a lot and calling me to come and have a visit soon……

    1. Is a fantastic peaceful place where nature meet art… hope someday u can visit this area as well. Explore Thailand? Sounds like a plan:)… never been in Asia so far

      1. ya Thailand has a lot to offer for all kinds of tourists

  2. I love your photographs! Wow!

  3. beautiful and unexpected! Great views!

  4. You have wonderful paths there !!

  5. Great pictures, and good choice!

  6. Great photos. Looks like the stairway to heaven. Nicely done!

  7. What an interesting place – good for you for doing the research!

    1. Yes, definitely an interesting place. Where Art meets Nature.

  8. Great pics. Love the stairs.

    1. Glad you like them:).
      Have a great weekend Irene

  9. Lovely selection of photos! I love the ‘rawness’ you’ve captured, I can almost touch those rocks!

    1. Thanks a lot, it was an amazing trip we have made. The rough pacific… . Thanks for commenting :), have a nice sunday:)

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